Educhange is an inspiring, engaging and world-class week long education festival in Melbourne from the 25-29 September that allows educators to curate their own learning experience and choose from bespoke education workshops, documentary screenings, education expos and our ever-growing annual event EC17.

EduChange is not a conference, it’s a catalyst for the changes we need to see in education.

(the main event)

2 days.
20 incredible speakers.
1000 of Australia's most passionate educators.
(oh and loads of maker spaces, teacher workshops, food-trucks, coffee carts, wine and beer stations, chill out zones, gaming sections, goodies from our edu friend and after parties).

And the price for you?
(we are nice like that)



Lasse Leponiemi

Lasse is a partner at HundrED; an organisation (and partner of Educhange Week) seeking and sharing inspiring innovations in K-12 Education. Since 2012 he has been working at HundrED developing educational concepts. He’s here to give us the low down on Finland and to find more epic ideas worth sharing from the Educhange Crowd.

Annabel Astbury

Annabel is the Head of Education at the ABC. That’s right, she’s Big Ted’s Boss. From her seat near the Arched window, she is headstrong in her theory that education does matter to the general public. Check out ABC Splash, Australia’s most popular weekly share of what’s happening in epic Aussie Schools.

Lucy Clark

Lucy’s daughter graduated from school a 'failure', she started asking questions about the way we measure success. Lucy challenges accepted wisdoms about schooling, calls on parents to examine their own expectations, and questions the purpose of education, and indeed the purpose of childhood. She’s one clever lady and we love her story.

Lyndon Galea

Two years ago Lyndon took ten vegemite sandwiches to his local school to help some kids who were doing it tough. 34,000 sandwiches later and he is not slowing down. You can help him break a world record at Educhange!

Marcus Veerman

Marcus is the kind of guy who helps 500,000 kids smile and learn every day on one of the 1000 playgrounds he has helped to build across 75 countries. The kind of guy we like at Educhange!

Laura McBain

We think that San Diego’s High Tech High is one of the best schools in the world. At Educhange you will have lots of chances to learn from their team about their approach to deeper learning.

Natalie See

Natalie was the most popular speaker at Educhange 2016, so we have invited her back. The school that she leads is a best practice example of how great teachers can change a community, well outside the walls of their classrooms.

John Cleary

John is a Changemaker in the places that this country needs them most. As a school principal in Katherine, John’s team has massively improved enrolments and driven outstanding academic results. At Educhange you can hear about how they have done it.

Sarah MacDonald

Sarah’s dogs are more well mannered than most people you know. Her clever ways of building communication and esteem of young people through canine interaction is very nifty. Sarah has featured as one of Commbank’s Australians of the Day and will be hanging out at EC17.

Brett Wood

Brisbane’s Music Industry College is what happens when a passionate youth worker, teacher and music lover dreams up a radical new school model… then builds it. Brett’s kids will be mixing the beats throughout Educhange, so send them some love.

Ben Newsome &
Holly Kershaw

Two teachers who believe that one science class can include dressing up in sumo suits, making ice-cream and blowing things up. Bring your sunglasses and an open mind!

Selena Uibo

Four years ago Selena launched the Second Chance Op Shop from her school in Numbulwar. These small beginnings were just the start for what will be a lifetime of change as this proud woman of Nunggubuyu and Wanindilyakwa heritage, now the
labor member for Arnhem.

Stephanie Salazar

Four years ago Stephanie stood on the Educhange stage as our ‘One to Watch’ speaker to share about her efforts to give pre-service teachers a voice. Four years on, we get the chance to check in and hear her thoughts on how Australia is supporting new teachers.

Ashanti Branch

When Ashanti’s students aren’t learning, it’s not because they can’t: it’s because they have deep-seated barriers that are holding them back. Ashanti knows we can’t change their past, but we can teach them to hold safe space and increase their emotional toolbox. Founder of the Ever Forward Club, Ashanti works to change how young men of colour interact with their education and how their schools interact with them across the USA.

Peter Hutton

Peter Hutton breaks things. Mainly things that need to be broken. Rules are a good example. Peter is back on the EC17 stage, as we continue to follow the progress of TC and his leadership. Peter’s passion is empowering students to Take Control of their own education, to genuinely love and have fun in their learning journey and to support teachers to live out their dream existence. Yep. We love him.

Also featuring:

Steve Brophy DTLV Leader of the year | Cally Nielsen Epic Changemaker | Taj Pabari Founder of FiftySix | Josh Reid Jones Founder Just Be Nice Project | Kate Barbat Published Children’s Author & Teacher | Naomi Noffs Co-founder Street University | Maddy Buchner CEO Little Dreamers | Josh Levy Apple Education | Michele Miller Founder of Robokids | Steve Galevski Founder Collective Campus | Phil Stubbs Chief Education Designer Verso | Project Rockit Stories from the team | Justin Matthys Chief Nerd Maths Pathway | Many more epic changemakers

We are not a corporate events company. We are an education organisation founded by teachers, a registered BCorp and are committed to unleashing the innovation and potential of brilliant educators.

At Educhange 2017 there are a wide variety of events held across the entire week and you can choose your own learning and networking journey from film screenings, parties, speeches from world class educators, boutique workshops, an innovation expo!

Educhange is an incredibly welcoming and inspiring global gathering of the EC tribe. Throughout the week you will meet new friends, engage with strangers in curated small group sessions, experience new things, learn a huge amount, and of course do it all while having a great time. Oh, and we are going to break a world record as well. Stay tuned for more on that!

Tired of going to events where we were told WHY education needed to change but not HOW, in 2014 we launched an event thatwould bring doers together to share how they change things for kids. Learning and networking opportunities at Educhange are honest, raw and to the point.

  • Entry into every single ticketed event through the five days of the Educhange festival (we will send you a link to register for the events you want to attend.)
  • Exclusive hang-out time with speakers and special guests during EC17.
  • An evening with the founders, where you can share a drink with the founders of some of the world’s coolest education ventures and projects.
  • Entry to all social events across the week.
  • Gifts and goodies from our event partners.
  • A copy of ‘Edupreneur’ by Aaron Tait and Dave Faulkner
  • Discounted ticket offers for some of the world’s coolest education conferences including (DL2018) at High Tech High
  • And tasty treats. Not all your meals and drinks, but enough to keep you happy and constantly surprised.
  • A really cool lanyard and pass that will induce FOMO in everyone who doesn’t have one.


Yep, you read right.

If you sign up to the EC Community you get yourself one free EC17 ticket giving you access to both days of Australia's coolest education event.

So what is the EC Community? It's no big deal… Just a collection of the world's most innovative, passionate and inspirational educators and changemakers!

As an EC Community member you get access to our meet ups across Australia, exclusive> podcasts and our quarterly mag, discounts to EC events, a free ticket to our major annual event and are part of a network of some pretty amazing people.

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The EduTribe Package at $4,300 for 10 Tickets (Saving of $700). This package is for your tribe. Grab your PLN and your fave Tweet Crew and make some noise at Educhange Week. We know teachers run in packs (we see you, Teachmeeters!) This is the perfect opportunity to buy in bulk and save some moola for your Melbourne adventure.

The Change Project Team Package at $2,250 for 5 tickets. (Saving of $250). This package is for project teams to deepen the impact and inspiration of the ideas they are working on by leveraging the Collective Genius across Educhange Week.

The Nerd Herd. $1,455 for 3 tickets (Saving of $45). Because you’ve got your edubesties and life is way better when you hang together. You’re probably all going along anyway, so take that saving and make sure to splurge on an Avocado Toast brunch during the week.

these are the sorts of people you will be hanging with at Educhange


We have secured one of Melbourne’s most beautiful and iconic buildings for EC17, the flagship event of Educhange week. Meet-ups, smaller events and parties will be happening in some of Melbourne’s funkiest spaces.

Access exclusive accommodation deals with our event partner, Choice Hotels - here

Hundreds of amazing educators in one place, leading change and innovation in schools. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to position your brand alongside EC and create an incredible experience for hundreds of innovative educators!

Throughout EduChange Week, sponsorships are true and honest brand collaborations.  As a BCorp, we are purpose driven and as such we work with a select group of partners whose values and directions are fully aligned with our own focus on teacher-led innovation.

We've designed some unique and powerful ways you can invest in the power of Aussie teachers. We help you to personalise your relationship with our tribe to truly capture their imagination and attention. 

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