Educhange is an inspiring, engaging and world-class week long education festival in Melbourne from the 25-29 September that allows educators to curate their own learning experience and choose from bespoke education workshops, documentary screenings, education expos and our ever-growing annual event EC17.

EduChange is not a conference, it’s a catalyst for the changes we need to see in education.


We have secured one of Melbourne’s most beautiful and iconic buildings for EC17, the flagship event of Educhange week. Meet-ups, smaller events and parties will be happening in some of Melbourne’s funkiest spaces.


  • Yes, that High Tech High! They will share the inside secrets of one of the world’s most innovative schools.

  • A powerhouse in tech and role model for what girls can achieve as leaders in STEM.

  • Tom is a former teacher working to dismantle exam factories, and a very good baker, just google it.

  • Selena is a former teacher, EC alumna and proud Australian leader of Nunggubuyu and Wanindilyakwa heritage.

  • John is a school leader driving amazing changes and handing curriculum design to kids.

We are not a corporate events company. We are an education organisation founded by teachers, a registered BCorp and are committed to unleashing the innovation and potential of brilliant educators.

At Educhange 2017 there are a wide variety of events held across the entire week and you can choose your own learning and networking journey from film screenings, parties, speeches from world class educators, boutique workshops, an innovation expo!

Educhange is an incredibly welcoming and inspiring global gathering of the EC tribe. Throughout the week you will meet new friends, engage with strangers in curated small group sessions, experience new things, learn a huge amount, and of course do it all while having a great time. Oh, and we are going to break a world record as well. Stay tuned for more on that!

Tired of going to events where we were told WHY education needed to change but not HOW, in 2014 we launched an event thatwould bring doers together to share how they change things for kids. Learning and networking opportunities at Educhange are honest, raw and to the point.

these are the sorts of people you will be hanging with at Educhange

Hundreds of amazing educators in one place, leading change and innovation in schools. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to position your brand alongside EC and create an incredible experience for hundreds of innovative educators!

Throughout EduChange Week, sponsorships are true and honest brand collaborations.  As a BCorp, we are purpose driven and as such we work with a select group of partners whose values and directions are fully aligned with our own focus on teacher-led innovation.

We've designed some unique and powerful ways you can invest in the power of Aussie teachers. We help you to personalise your relationship with our tribe to truly capture their imagination and attention. 

If you’d like to partner with us on bringing Australia’s most diverse education event to life, get in touch with us.

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